AKASHA Conversations #5 — Intentional Culture Design for Moderating

AKASHA Conversations #5 — Intentional Culture Design for Moderating

What is the culture of your workplace? Your education establishment? Your neighbourhood?

If we adopt the definition of culture as the way things are done around here (Drennan, 1992), then how might we begin to articulate the answer? Are you drawn to making absolute or relative observations? Are some ways of doing things written in stone and other ways more works in progress? Do you distinguish between the ways you inherited and those you helped realise?

Moderating remains the topic of our AKASHA Conversations. Our working definition presents it as structuring participation in a community to facilitate cooperation and prevent abuse, which is more expansive than the let’s-delete-content-we-don’t-like modus operandi. So if moderating includes the designing of structures to facilitate cooperation, then our purview is necessarily cultural — the way we’d love things to be done around here.

It’s worth noting that “we” is the AKASHA team as we work as participants of Ethereum World, but also “we” is any community drawn to Ethereum World or indeed any other instantiation of the technical and social code we open source for the public good.

It’s not a straightforward design challenge, and the more teams working on it the better. Plurality is where it’s at. You will appreciate then how delighted we were to have Emaline Friedman join us for the AKASHA Conversation last week. With a doctorate in psychology in the context of information technology, Emaline is a key member of the Neighbourhoods team. Neighbourhoods is a framework for groupware that enables communities to design and select custom cultural patterns — all using p2p, “web3” software called Holochain.

You can find the recording of Emaline’s presentation and the ensuing conversation right here:

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