The Next Chapter of AKASHA: From World 0 to World 1 ✨🌍✨

AKASHA will launch its next-generation social platform, AKASHA World, in Q2 of 2023.

The Next Chapter of AKASHA: From World 0 to World 1 ✨🌍✨
From Ethereum World to AKASHA World

Hey heey heey and a wonderful 2023 everyone! 🙌 We may be a little tardy to the party, but we're still bringing the good vibes and some exciting updates about AKASHA as we head into Q2 👀

In the spring of 2021, we released as our test “World” (World 0) created with the AKASHA framework. We called for brave adventurers to onboard for the first journey to a new world - and you all answered! 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀

It was a true odyssey of discovery as this was our first attempt to create a modular social platform instead of “just” a social networking app. To make it even more of an epic challenge, we started with building the underlying framework used to create the platform, which can be used to build multiple social networking apps. 🙈

A simple view of the AKASHA hierarchy

The lessons we learned with your help while playing in World 0 have been invaluable, and we couldn’t have reached this milestone without you! 🙏

Let’s shine the spotlight on a few of these lessons:

  • Understanding better how AKASHA fits into the broader social landscape of the Web - from “social networking” and “dapp” to imagining Worlds built with the AKASHA framework as modular “social platforms.”
  • Elevating DX (Developer Experience) and UX (User Experience) to the forefront of our thinking. This enables a better experience for future developers as the framework will grow through open contributions. 🤩
  • Understanding that Design and Design System practices are the foundation of modular architecture, especially when you expect open-source contributors to be able to jump into the fun as quickly as possible. Without good practices, modular architecture becomes a messy and confusing maze, but with it, we can create a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. 🧩
  • In the realm of “legal hacking,” we created a new type of Swiss Association. This association enables transparent and decentralized governance of Worlds, while being recognized by one of the most decentralized jurisdictions on Earth. This is a game changer in Web3 governance, and it's going to help communities take control of their digital spaces in a legally recognized way.

By integrating all the lessons learned and using the latest version of the AKASHA framework, we are excited to announce the launch of the next-gen platform (World 1) in ~Q2. World 1, dubbed AKASHA World, is dedicated to exploring the synergy between an open-source social platform, and open and transparent governance by you, the AKASHA Community! 🌎🌍

Meanwhile, World 0 has been switched to read-only mode. This means you will still be able to view the previously published posts but will no longer be able to make new posts or comments. And as a token of our gratitude for your involvement, we created “NFT POAP Badges” 🏅 for everyone that actively participated in Ethereum World.

This POAP is a virtual high-five to all the alpha testers of Ethereum World who braved the bugs and glitches to help pave the way for the future of AKASHA. 🤝 It's a nod to all the pioneers who took a leap of faith with us. To claim your badge, just follow the simple steps outlined here.

And one more thing:

Everyone who has been part of World 0 will be able to participate from the get-go in World 1! All participants who claimed their World 0 badges will be able to showcase them in World 1 to signal their early AKASHA adventurer spirit! 🚀

Just make sure you’re claiming your badge with the same Ethereum address you used when creating your Ethereum World profile.

And with that, a round of applause for all the trailblazers and cheers to an epic 2023! 🌟 Let's look forward to a new world of possibilities with AKASHA World! 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀