Spotlight on Bubble Breaker: Winner of the $10,000 AKASHA Bounty

Are you stuck in a social media echo chamber? Bubble Breaker is here to challenge your views by injecting new and diverse perspectives into your feed, fostering growth through dialogue.

Spotlight on Bubble Breaker: Winner of the $10,000 AKASHA Bounty

Ever noticed how social media can sometimes feel like you’re just hearing echoes of your own thoughts? This is because many platforms keep us stuck in "thought bubbles," where we only see posts that reinforce our existing beliefs. It's comfortable, sure, but it doesn’t challenge us to think differently and grow.


Bubble Breaker tackles this head-on. Their goal is to spice up our digital interactions by introducing us to new ideas that might just change how we think. Every once in a while, their platform shakes things up by slipping in articles or posts that challenge our usual views.

Imagine scrolling through your feed and bumping into something that makes you go, "Huh, I never thought of it that way!" That’s Bubble Breaker for you. Plus, if you join the conversation with thoughtful comments—whether you agree or disagree—you get rewarded!

A demo of Bubble Breaker for ETH Bucharest 2024

Implementation of AKASHA Core

So, how does Bubble Breaker make sure the conversation stays friendly and constructive? They use a smart AI agent to check if comments are up to snuff, by looking for a neutral tone, good sources, and solid arguments. Once a comment gets the AI’s thumbs up, it gets rated by the community as well. This keeps the conversation quality high and the vibes good.

As you participate, you earn points that can be turned into cool digital collectibles. These NFTs unlock special content and even exclusive events, making your social experience richer.

The team behind Bubble Breaker used the AKASHA Core framework to enhance their application on multiple fronts:

  • Secure Access: They integrated WalletConnect and robust authentication mechanisms to ensure secure and seamless user access.
  • User Interface: They utilized AKASHA's design system components to create a smooth and intuitive user experience.
  • Data Integrity: They adopted Ceramic for decentralized content storage of comments and ratings, enhancing data privacy and integrity.

Achievements: $10,000 + 2nd place 🏆

Behind the Bubble Breaker project is a team of 3: @andrew2k, @sircoderin and @eugenptr. They not only challenged thought bubbles but also impressed at the recent ETH Bucharest, securing a significant win.

They clinched the AKASHA hackathon bounty of $5,000, which was generously doubled by AKASHA to $10,000 in recognition of the importance of the challenge they’re tackling. They also took home 2nd place in the overall main hackathon track.

Looking Ahead

Bubble Breaker is a new way to experience the internet that encourages us to open our minds and consider different perspectives. As they grow and refine their technology, we’re excited to see how they’ll integrate their app with the broader AKASHA ecosystem. Here’s to a future where we burst bubbles and build bridges!