Come Work With Us - Developer Relations

Come Work With Us - Developer Relations

We are currently on the lookout for an amazing communicator with technical knowledge to join our dynamic, distributed team. If this sounds like it might be of interest to you, you can apply right now via our website, or read on to find out what kind of things you'd be doing if you ended up joining us on our journey!

Why do you want someone to do dev relations?

As you may know, we are currently working on Ethereum World, a project that seeks to unify the Ethereum ecosystem by integrating decentralized apps into a simple, delightful social experience. In order to achieve this we need to be as open and communicative as possible with the large community of developers that are building amazing, world-changing things on Ethereum.

As part of the Team, you will make sure that this critical avenue of communication is established and maintained, building and nurturing these relationships as well as shaping the pathways which key messages take. They will also be an important part of taking developments in Ethereum World and the AKASHA World Framework and making them known to the community at large, allowing us to fulfil our aims of radical transparency and of bringing more people into the amazing, ever-growing world of Ethereum.

Who will I be working closest with?

You will work between our Development and Community teams, helping to distil the work coming out of our Dev Team into articles, posts, and presentations that are informative and engaging, whilst also working with our Community Team to inform communications strategy.

This being said, AKASHA is small and dynamic, and for a lot of things we need all hands on deck. This approach to work ensures that your working weeks should be full of all the variety and novelty needed to make sure you love working at AKASHA.

Who you are

You are a top-class communicator who is comfortable around developers and technical language. You understand that in order to be able to build communities you have to have a shared understanding of the tools and values that are on offer to individuals on the outside looking in, as well as creating a culture that excites and engages all those who are a part of it.

You want to actively work against the creeping climate of centralization, censorship, and big data collection that has permeated Web 2.0. You want to create a better home of mind, one which unlocks the innate potential of human beings and creates the conditions possible for the emergence of collective intelligence at both global and regional scales.

How do we work?

AKASHA sets quarterly objectives which are fed into and steered by all team members, we review our progress every two weeks in the AKASHA All-Hands Meeting.

On any given day you may take part in video-call meetings, communicate with other team members, and collaborate on internal documents. As the Team works remotely, being a part of it means you will need to be driven and able to communicate a lot. Over communication is critical to getting everyone up to speed with what you are working on, as well as being able to leverage the many great minds that currently make up the AKASHA hive.

We normally meet IRL at least once a year for a retreat, which is unfortunately not on the cards for 2020 due to the global pandemic.

Why should I want to be a part of the AKASHA Team?

AKASHA works at the intersection of blockchain technology and collective intelligence; as a part of the Team you get to play with ideas that could reshape entire industries. Wow!

We penned an article last year which explores some of the ways in which our distributed, flexible way of working is a radical departure from the 9 to 5 that a lot of people are used to. On top of this you can check out the kinds of people you'd be working with through our Team blog series.

The main highlights are:

  • a meaningful job where the work is geared towards having a positive impact on the world,
  • an environment that aims to foster excellence and creativity,
  • competitive compensation,
  • flexibility,
  • continuous learning opportunities and unique challenges, and
  • a bunch of very, very friendly faces.

So, what are you waiting for? Get applying:

Header image taken from Pixabay