Climbing crypto curves: Another(!) outsiders

Climbing crypto curves: Another(!) outsiders

Clichéd advice is often the best, so here it is: the best way to learn about something is by doing it. This is my modus operandi on my journey into the world of Ethereum as, truth be told, I bring little experience with me.

You guessed it, you have yet another outsider in your midst! 😱

So why am I even here? Well, I'm really excited by the potential of Ethereum to solve some of the world's most pressing privacy and data security concerns. Self custody allows us to remove unnecessary intermediation, and allows us greater control over how our data is processed and used.

Also, imposter syndrome aside, I do have a bunch of experience in making complex subjects understandable, in building audiences, and in nurturing online communities - and that is precisely what I bring to the AKASHA table. 🚀

I also bring a unique blend of experiences with me, having played in different bands 🥁, and having studied Economics, in what feels like a previous life. Needless to say, I’m not a typical right- or left-brain thinker. 🧠

Here’s a picture of me ‘in action’ from almost ten years ago:

The gauntlet has most definitely been laid down, and I’m working to build my understanding of, and familiarise myself with, the culture, concepts, and communities that exist within the Ethereum space. 💪 After all, AKASHA’s work is truly inspiring, and I want to be a safe pair of hands to help along the way.

So, how has it been so far? Well, in all honesty, my experience so far has been SUPER positive. 🌟 I’ve found the community to be packed full of intelligent, free-thinking, and welcoming people, who are only too happy to share their knowledge with me, and with one another.

We are all too familiar with the dystopian view of the digital world, with ‘the powers that be’ harvesting, storing, and using endless volumes of our personal data. We are also (perhaps sometimes less) aware of how these forces censor and control the way that information is shared, which is arguably just as dark. Let the music play, man! 🤘

This makes the AKASHA World Framework and Ethereum World pretty damn exciting, and when launched, will mark a real shift in the way that we interact, collaborate, and create and exchange value online. 🚀

I suppose it goes without saying, but: I have a lot to learn. 🤯 The instruments still need tuning, so to speak. With a learning curve this steep, I am clinging on tightly so I don’t fall to my decentralized death. 💀

Thankfully I have the AKASHA family, and the community, belaying me as I climb.

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