The Ethereum World Update #3

What's new in the v0.2 release?

The Ethereum World Update #3

Welcome to the fortnightly update on all things Ethereum World, along with a sprinkling of industry news! πŸ‘‹

Today, we're excited to announce that a new version of Ethereum World is live!

We've teased you about upcoming features in previous newsletters, and now they're here! We invite all of you to explore this new version and join our epic journey of creating the new home of mind for Ethereum! πŸ‘©β€πŸš€

In this edition:

  • Ethereum World v0.2 Release πŸš€
  • We’re Hiring at AKASHA πŸ€—
  • The Hot List πŸ”₯

Let’s take a look at what has been happening over the past two weeks!

Ethereum World v0.2 Release - What's New? πŸš€

The refactoring 🧱

The major element of this release is the complete code refactoring. This is the process of restructuring the existing code to improve the design, structure, and implementation of the framework that makes Ethereum World possible.

Re-architecting the different bricks that make our code was a multi-month effort that required a lot of brain juice and an insane amount of coffee! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ We’re now very happy to have reached this major milestone as it unlocks new possibilities for Ethereum World.

Additionally, many libraries were changed in this process to enable UI/UX features that were hard to implement previously, such as optimistic updates. This means:

  • Significantly faster page loading and long-awaited features such as link previews in posts
  • Less complex and easier to read code.

With this release, we've laid the foundations for building with Ethereum World. Developers will soon be able to unleash their creativity and build the apps, widgets, and integrations that will push the social network to its next phase. We are very close to the point where we can all co-create our very own flagship web3 social network! πŸš€

The cool new stuff 🧸

The new release comes with a list of features, improvements, and fixes that get us closer to delivering a delightful web3 user experience. Here's what's new!

New Features

  • The moderation app is a suite of tools for decentralized and transparent moderating on Ethereum World. A moderation transparency log has been added to this release. It's the full log of all the actions undertaken when a post or account has been reported πŸ‘€
  • Rich previews are generated from links posted with Open Graph meta tags
  • Editing and deleting your own post or reply is now possible
  • Reporting an account is now possible
  • A statistics modal for followers / following is shown on every profile page
  • Zooming-in photos is enabled.
The new transparency log


  • URL-based modals
  • Configurable report reasons
  • History scroll restoration (when you go to the previous page, you will land exactly where you left it)
  • Background updates for UI
  • Added persistence to tag subscriptions
  • Added a reactive interface (propagated updates)
  • Added a react-query API flavored hooks for state management
  • Refactored almost all of the codebase.


  • Suggested items from the editor (e.g. mentions) are now clickable
  • Multiple fixes for the mobile and desktop versions.

Now that we have the solid foundations on which we can build a variety of new apps, the next step for Ethereum World will be to open its doors to the developers in our community. If you're interested in being one of the pioneers of this new paradigm, please join our Discord and reach out to us.

The new profile pages

We’re Hiring at AKASHA πŸ€—

Together with a group of independent thinkers hacking under the AKASHA Foundation umbrella, we are bravely experimenting with new technologies in the search for solutions that can transform the Web into an ecosystem in service of humanity.

To help us achieve our purpose, we’re currently looking for a Community Manager and a Fullstack Developer. Both positions are full-time and remote-friendly. We’re looking forward to growing this world together! 🌍🌎🌏

The Hot List πŸ”₯

We feel compelled to show some link love right here! Below are some of the top ideas and developments that have been moving the Ethereum space lately!

If you have feedback or thoughts on what we should be covering next time around, feel free to let us know on Discord. If you're not already, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Ethereum World! πŸŽ‰

Let's push together the boundaries of social networking in the age of web3! πŸš€