What is AKASHA Reloaded? What is Ethereum World?

What is AKASHA Reloaded? What is Ethereum World?

This year (2019), on World Press Freedom Day, we announced that we were going through a process dubbed 'AKASHA Reloaded' through the post AKASHA Reloaded: Three Spins Around The Sun Later. Since then we have been in constant awe of the positive response that has come back to us from the community, as well as the number of individuals who have signed up for Early Access.

At Devcon 5, which took place this October in Osaka, Japan, we made a further announcement in a presentation entitled AKASHA Reloaded: Unifying the Ecosystem with Ethereum World.

Two big announcements, but how are they linked?

With AKASHA between 2016 and 2018 we focussed our efforts on building a dapp; if Ethereum is this decentralized app platform, like a decentralized app store, we tried to put one of these dapps in that decentralized app store, with the functionality of that dapp being a social network running on Ethereum.

Since then, our understanding of what can we do to maximize the impact that we have has changed.

What is AKASHA Reloaded? 💭🏗️

The greatest thing that we can achieve, considering that we are just a handful of people is to actually build a framework, and the process of moving from working on a single dapp to working on a deployable framework has been named 'AKASHA Reloaded'.

Even though it's not a very accurate comparison, it helps maybe to imagine this new Framework, the AKASHA World Framework (AWF), as kind of like a WordPress for social networks where people and communities can deploy their own customized, purpose-built, purposeful social networks fulfilling whatever needs they have as a community.

What is Ethereum World? 💭🌎

Ethereum World will be the first network that runs using the AKASHA World Framework; the purpose of Ethereum World is to unify the Ethereum ecosystem by integrating decentralized apps into a simple, delightful social experience.

Our research into the Ethereum Community showed us that there was a need for interactions with decentralized applications to be made simpler and more fun for the people using them. Chuck into the mix the fact that all of these separate pieces of functionality have the potential to work together in interesting new ways and you have a whole new world of social interactions. For example, one could create a DAO, post underneath it with a link to a proposal, then next with a bounty, and then finish off the stream with a non-fungible token collectible for the people that participated in this flow.

The collective intelligence present within the Ethereum Community is vital to the success of both the AWF and Ethereum World, and so this is the first world that people will be able to visit. Gazing into the future, we want this to eventually be one world of many.

What is all of this about? 🏗️💥🌎

A piece of thinking which has run through everything that we've ever done is that Ethereum is a WORDL-changing piece of technology. Currently the majority of the mediums that we use for communication and/or collaboration either manipulate us or profit from us. Most profoundly, these platforms also do not provide the functionality necessary to equip people with the tools that they need to bring about the change that they want to see in the world.

Decentralized, censorship-resistant, customizable networks can help to take some of that 21-million years of collective time that is spent on corporate-owned, surveillance systems every 24 hours, and redirect it so that it serves to help us, rather than help those who seek to gather data, influence, and profit from us.

Let's journey to many new, purpose-built, purposeful worlds, together.