Notes on the Ethereum World v0.1 Feature Freeze

Notes on the Ethereum World v0.1 Feature Freeze

On Friday January 10th the team finalized the features that will be going into v0.1 of Ethereum World.

As time goes on the feedback and data from early versions will allow us to further focus our efforts, opening up new and exciting pieces of functionality, but for now, here is a short list of some of the things that will make the cut for v0.1.


Authentication will be based on an Ethereum key signature, this approach is very similar to what was put in place for; as a result there will be no password to remember for Ethereum World specifically, as the Ethereum key signature process creates a token which does this work for the user.

For ease of use there will be remembered sessions that you will be able to remove access from (Chrome on Windows, Opera on Android) putting you more in control of the access routes that you have onto the platform.


Worlds have integrations within them, and profiles exist on one of these integrations within the ecosystem which comes installed by default. Not having a profile will not block someone from accessing a world, but there will be pieces of functionality that only exist when a user is logged in.

Profiles exist in three different types: visitor, user, and integration. Integration profiles allow users to easily install or uninstall integrations, adding or removing functionality. This same install/uninstall will exist on user profiles as subscribe / unsubscribe.

These integration profiles will also display information on who the publisher of a given integration is, as well as the latest version available.


For profiles the user will have a choice of 3Box and ENS, with social graphs existing on whichever of these has been chosen. Other integrations will include: the homefeed, which displays posts of people that a user is subscribed to, hashtags, and updates from integrations; and a global settings module which gives the user power to make changes to their setup.

When integrations change or are updated, users will be notified of changes through posts that are automatically generated and put into their feed, as well as from any post about these changes that is created by the integration’s own administrators. Other pieces of functionality such as the ability to upvote and downvote, can exist as an integration, with new world creators being able to add this functionality if they so wish.

If this (incomplete) list of features has made you want to board the first spaceship to Ethereum World, you can make sure you’re one of the first Ethereans to experience a unified ecosystem by signing up on our website. If you’d like to be one of the apps that these Ethereans can discover and collect, you can start a conversation by filling out this Typeform.