Highlights from the AKASHA & UrbeTalk Meetup 🐺

AKASHA Hub Barcelona welcomed the 10th UrbeTalk.

Highlights from the AKASHA & UrbeTalk Meetup 🐺
Urbe.eth and Mihai Alisie at AKASHA Hub Barcelona

A gathering at AKASHA Hub Barcelona 🀝

On July 6th, 2023, AKASHA Hub Barcelona welcomed the urbe.eth community and co-hosted the 10th UrbeTalk as a satellite event at the Barcelona Hub. UrbeTalks is a monthly event usually organized by the urbe.eth community in Rome, where builders share their experiences, projects, and work-related challenges within web3. The event was a great success and brought together multiple web2 and web3 projects to discuss the future of the space. It will be inspiring to witness future collaborations emerge from this event!

The panelists orbulo.eth, limone.eth, Mihai Alisie, and Mattia Pomelli participated in a Q&A session.

The event featured four speakers, each giving a short talk exploring legal, technical, economic, and social topics.

The Presentations

Brian Knows 🧠

Orbulo.eth opened the event with a presentation on Brian Knows, which is a web3 assistant that helps people understand how some popular web3 protocols work by using a natural language interface to perform on-chain transactions by typing in plain English. The assistant works to solve knowledge fragmentation by utilizing an AI research tool trained on a custom-built knowledge base of web3 resources. It also assists people with navigating the confusing web3 user experience by building and performing web3 transactions through an AI-prompting interface. The goal of Brain Knows is to simplify the world of web3 by providing fast and accessible information while empowering users to interact with decentralized applications effortlessly.

Bob is Safe πŸ”’

Limone.eth followed up and presented Bob is Safe, a privacy-first crypto payroll platform for organizations wanting to address the challenges of transparent crypto-based payroll systems. These challenges include personal security risks, targeted attacks, social engineering, and unfair salary comparisons resulting in reduced negotiation power and talent poaching. The platform aims to provide a unified dashboard for payments, on/off ramps, analytics, reports, and invoicing. Bob is Safe envisions a future where many organizations will have crypto payrolls, which will need to be private. On the platform, private payments are powered by zkBob, and Safe powers the enhanced UX.

KnowledgeLayer πŸ“–

Mattia Pomelli was next up and showcased KnowledgeLayer, an open protocol and developer toolkit for building edtech platforms. The protocol aims to solve audience, content, and reputation fragmentation issues. The infrastructure assists developers in building educational platforms that are more open, efficient and deliver a more refined user experience. Developers utilizing the platform will be able to build faster by leveraging the KnowledgeLayer backend that has all the data living at the protocol level. Multiple platforms can read this data while sharing network effects, thus enabling users to have a single profile where they own their content and reputation, operating across all platforms built on the protocol.


The presentations concluded with Mihai Alisie introducing AKASHA Core, an open-source framework for building and distributing composable web3 apps. The framework is built on Ceramic, IPFS, Ethereum, and Lit.

Excitingly, its first use cases will be for creating modular social platforms called Worlds. This constellation of Worlds is where communities may choose to self-organize and define their own moderation rules, thus ensuring the viability and longevity of censorship-resistant, community-moderated content. An app store, known as the AKASHAverse, will further support and extend the functionality of these Worlds via apps developed and maintained by the community.

Mihai described how a tremendous advantage of the web3 ecosystem is that it offers decentralized and community-driven governance, with the possibility of avoiding the web2 model of extracting user data for profit.

In this spirit, all are invited to participate in the AKASHA ecosystem, which includes, AKASHA Core, AKASHA Worlds, and AKASHA Hubs!

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